Final Post

I am going to use this final post to talk about where I intend to go from here.

I am signed up for a quantitative methods class to help me deal with the methods. I have been for one lesson and it is already the most promising class so far, for me. I really think it will be immensely useful in helping me get over my fear of numbers, and really start to look at the world in an entirely different way- a way I have always wanted to be able to, but never had the confidence to understand. I think quantitative analysis is so important in policy- to see if it is working. It is the most SCIENTIFIC thing about international relations, and I really look forward to grounding my research in these quantitative connections, which I will further explore and explain with qualitative explanations from various theoretical lenses.

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Being a Junior

It’s really weird to be back. It feels like I’ve been away forever but really it’s only been a little more than week. It seems like as soon as I left, a strong swirl of wind came in and swept the town up and left behind this other Williamsburg, with all this energy and vitality.

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Adviser Meeting

Back at school, I’ve got one final task on my agenda before I dive right into working on my paper, and that is meeting with my adviser.

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