Early June

(I was without internet during my time in Russia, and so over the next few days I’ll finally be posting my blog entries – pictures pending until I get a hold of a scanner.)

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I just wanted to thank the Charles Center and everyone who made my summer research possible. I had a great time, and it was a great learning experience, and I wish I wasn’t a senior and had another opportunity to do research.

Compiling Data

So I now get to begin the fun? process of compiling the data from all of my interviews. So while it will be a lot of work to sort through the data, look for patterns, and draw conclusions, it will also give me insight into what I have been working on for the past two months. In a way, it is a bit ironic that I have spent so much time working on my summer research project without really having a true idea of what I have concluded. While I have a general idea of the castaneros feelings simply from having extended interviews with over 25 people, I have yet to truly sit down and examine my data. So, I must begin!

Complications of Frog Camp Data

Hi Folks

“Frog Camp,” as it’s come to be known by my friends and family, is theoretically over.  Now it’s “Frog bootcamp” for me, as I try to figure out what on earth to do with all the data that I have. I have had to learn to use several functions and programs that were new to me, and soon I will face hours of manual data entering labor.

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