Research Update #5

I ran the diseased state of PD in PLAS on Thursday of week 7  and 8 and got some species showing ideal behavior that I expected. For example, the level of apoptosis was exponentially increased after increasing the amount of pro-inflammatory agents. But some species such as IL-beta exhibited odd behavior in diseased state. I expected it to be increased but it was decreased in the test.  This may be due to the NF-kB model.

I plan to have three to four diseased states in mind. Those are

1)      Dopaminergic neurons with activated microglia

2)      Dopaminergic neurons with pro-inflammatory cytokines

3)      Dopaminergic neurons with LPS

I also plan to test treatment model for each diseased state model.  Nurr1, inhibition of microglia activation , BDNF, glutathione and others are considered to be treatments.

I read several literatures and reviews on inflammation and Parkinson’s disease. I plan to check the models so that I have correct and fundamental models on inflammation in PD.

My next goal is to have results for three diseased states and also treatments models as well.