Entering September

Research is a process, writing is a process, honors thesis is a process…. Meet with your advisor!!

So I am back at WM full steam (and I must say after eight months abroad it feels like quite the challenge).  I kept feeling like I was behind, behind, behind.  But then I remembered that in my proposal for my thesis (and summer funding) I wrote a timeline.  I had spent the time (way back when) making an achievable plan…. So I stopped for a moment and looked at it.  And you know what, not only did I remember how many times I planned on meeting with my advisor (which I did today) but I realized I am right on track, maybe even a little ahead.

All of you out there feeling the same way….  Just stop, breathe, blow a little of that William and Mary student neuroticism off and check your timeline.  Apparently there really is benefit to this part of the thesis process.  Not only will it keep you on track, but it is a good reminder to not freak out – to slow down and remain calm.

Also meeting with your advisor, no matter what state of panic, calm, or stage of your research is a really, really good idea.  I was not sure how good until I met with him today.  Your advisor is there well, to give you advice, but also to sound things off, clear your thoughts, give you a little more focus (or broaden it), tell you to slow down or speed up.

I realized that I had two very useful tools at my disposal and had simply not taken advantage of them…. and extra stress was the payment for such neglect.  Remember these two tools (among others) to keep you on track.  And sane.  William and Mary is stressful enough without the unnecessary honors thesis mantra of (I am behind, I am behind, I am behind).  As I keep reminding myself…. this experience is a process, go slow or fast but most definitely do not let any tool go unused.

Happy researching.  See you in Swem.