Nearing the End

I have begun the process of typing up all of my notes and findings so that they appear more readable, as the last thing I want is all my work to be dismissed due to illegibility.  I will present these findings to my adviser after their completion.

I have divided my findings into two sections, the first being a sort of image catalog.  This has images I have located online that match up with Thorley’s sketchbook.  Following each image is an explanation for why I think the image could likely be a Thorley, as well as scanned images taken from his sketchbook that support my arguments.

The second section is a catalog of glaze formulas taken from the bottom of Thorley ceramics that I managed to match with his glaze index and other notes.  I successfully matched a fair number of these formulas, and hopefully my findings will benefit greater knowledge about the composition of Thorley’s glazes, as well as his system of generating formulas.