Study in Microtonality and Lutherie – Summer Summary

Lutherie and microtonal composition are not only uncommon fields of study, but are also obscure arts. It is this complexity which has consistently determined my eligibility to make progress; an enthusiastic, long-time immersion in the catalogs and literature of microtonal music does not suffice as a platform from which one can dive into the art – before proceeding to a greater step, one needs greater understandings of philosophy, humanity, nature, aesthetics, et c., and technique. For these reasons, my progress has been slow, but not unsteady – just very cautious. The goal, for down the road, is to develop familiarity with the knowledge by which one can compose and practice microtonal music – yet still, music which respects emotion and also exploits, with delicacy, the homogeneity of harmony and timbre. Considering this objective, I chose to fabricate an instrument with which I could form a personal relationship and from which I could easily derive microtonal intervals because it seemed an impetus to a reasonable end, given the time constraints of this school year.

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