Meis Oculis

Looking at my bibliography, I am a bit disappointed (or am I excited?) that I have not found one article yet that lists the issues of today’s Latin 101 class as I see them. Pace, parsing, and practice have come to the surface as the three biggest issues I think I will be looking for as I continue my in-class observations. At this very moment, the 30 or so students of the 2pm MTWF Latin 101 class are taking their first hour test. I have made it a habit to take their quizzes and tests with them, and what took me 9 minutes is causing many others quite a bit of stress (I know the signs). But it’s good stress, the same I remember experiencing just his morning as I struggled to remember some plural forms on my German 101 chapter test. Their minds are working. They are seeing the paradigms in their minds and spitting them onto paper. Soon, I will be able to see how the class did all together on this assessment, in a confidential manner of course. But I am interested to see how they preform on paper, having seen with my own eyes (now the title makes sense) their progress up to this point. The pace is a bit fast for most (it is a college language course, but Latin does have a lot of grammar that has to be nailed down day one), parsing still comes mechanically, and everyone can benefit from more practice. The class has been wonderful, though, about letting me creepily watch them, jot down the questions they ask, and of course ask them relentless Latin related questions.

I will post a summary of my final summer research soon, but in the meantime, I have to find a way to analyze all the data I have been taking in Monday-Friday. Note to self, look to see if there is such a thing as tutoring addiction and an aversion to free time.