August= School starts!

The summer is coming to an end and I feel as though I have accomplished so much. I have a solid fifteen articles that can be used for my actual thesis. This number is much smaller compared to the 30 that I started out with. They range from talking about different classroom management models to looking at effective professional development workshops, activities, and presentations. It is fascinating to read about so many studies that support different theories on the best practices for effective classroom management. My top two categories have been with classroom management techniques that either stress positive reinforcement or self-discipline.

I have also started to set up meetings with administrators in various schools in order to talk about their new discipline initiatives and how they plan on evaluating their system for the current academic school year. I am eager to read about what schools are currently practicing in order to compare their initiatives to what scholars deem as successful practices.

I have also completed an extensive outline for a mentoring program initiative I have co-founded, which will be entitled Pearl of Great Price. This group will be used as a potential focus group within my thesis. This component will be listening to students about their thoughts on the new discipline initiative. It will be great to hear about how they perceive the change from this year to last year and hear possible suggestions they may have in order to improve the system.I have also started to fill out the Protection of Human Subjects committee forms so that I will be able to conduct interviews with teachers about their thoughts on the discipline initiative they are seeing in their schools.