The Return

I have returned to school and am ending a brief interim I had taken in Thesis work.  From approximately my birthday (mid-January – towards the end of the break) until this past Tuesday, when I first met with my Thesis Advisor since being back, I have not looked at any Thesis related materials. Yet, right before my meeting with my advisor I finally re-opened my Thesis word document to refresh myself on my most pressing questions. I had been dreading the return to Thesis work and before I took my half-month pause I had been feeling as though I had sort of reached a wall. I had 30 some pages, including an outline of the majority of the piece as well as some more fully written sections, but (and I feel I am reporting fear and anxiety all too often in this blog) I worried about how to fill in the missing bits and chunks and about the strength of the parts I had fully drafted. Anyway, I think undergraduate Theses are an exercise in enacting the mantra “keep calm and carry on.”

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a new semester

So I spent most of my winter break finishing graduate school applications, so now I can focus entirely on my thesis. This is a very good thing because I have a lot to do in less than two months. I am currently working on compiling all the various influences of prior authors on Philostratus’ Life of Apollonius of Tyana, regarding Apollonius’ meeting with the Indian wise men. Fortunately, it is not particularly hard work but is rather time consuming. The more abstract and lofty analysis will come in the final chapter concerning Philostratus’ use of his depictions of Apollonius and the wise men.

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Study in Microtonality and Lutherie – five

I’ve done very little in the past few months on the account of very heavy illness. Poor health has dragged me down since I began my work, but I have been so sluggish in the past three or four months that I have fallen far, far behind schedule. Yet, to my benefit, there seems to have been a huge margin of error in my estimation of how much time I needed to do my work. To compensate for my tardiness, I have worked very hard over the Christmas holidays to catch up. By no means is my health up to snuff, but I am well enough to get busy. Over the next seven or eight weeks, I will be posting regular catch-ups and updates to this blog. However, the posts will primarily consist of photographs and captions, rather than the usual detailed text; to elaborate on the specifics of the work is neither necessary, nor easy. (I am trying, understand, to make these posts less formal. It takes me a long time to type these up.) I made a few small promises in previous posts and I will try to fulfill these as well. Photos later this week.

Thesis Chapter 5 Draft



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Thesis Chapter 4 Draft



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