Data Analysis of Tea Party Movement Survey-Introductory Post

For the past year, I have worked as Professor Rapoport’s Research Assistant in the study of third parties in the American political system. My work with this research is furthering study of the Perot Movement’s activists and the Tea Party Movement through surveys of known supporters.

We are currently preparing a three-wave panel of surveys to be sent to Tea Party Movement supporters, which will be the first set of comprehensive surveys drawn of this group; the first wave will be sent out in April 2011. Before the second and third waves can be sent out, there is much preparatory work that I will do this summer.

I will use statistical analysis software, SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences), to code variables and data received from the first wave of surveys. After the data analysis, I will then create a summary report of data to send to our respondents, not only supplying them with useful information but also encouraging them to continue to participate in our second and third waves of the survey. The summary report will consist of cross-tabulations of variables from our survey dataset, which will create meaningful relationships between variables, such as gender and level of support of the Tea Party Movement. I will run tables to examine demographics, ideology, activity, and candidate support for those who identify as Tea Party supporters. I will also include what will be preliminary assumptions on the relationships between Tea Party organizations. This summary report will be sent out with the second wave of the survey in late 2011.