Technical Difficulties

I went to the lab on Monday to begin working on a new set of data analysis. I had two SPSS files up and running. I was making a lot of progress and saving the information as I went along (a lesson I learned the hard way). However, I realize my information was not saving. By now I had been working a good three hours on the files. I exited the files and when I went to reopen them, they wouldn’t open at all. Apparently, the entire WM network was not working. It had shut down and wouldn’t let me access the lab folder. I had to map the network all over again. But that wasn’t working either because the network was still down. After waiting an hour, I called the IT department to see if they can help me reconnect. They said to wait longer. ¬†After waiting another hour, I gave up and left the lab.

Sometimes, I hate technology. But only sometimes.