Coming to an end

Hello all! Here are just a few updates with where I am at in Dr. Forsyth’s lab! Coming into lab this summer, I originally expected to be working more with another student on an algae biofuel project. However, with Stephen’s master’s defense coming at the end of the summer, he needed as much help as he could get. I have been working with Stephen on this project for 2 years now and it has been an incredible opportunity to learn molecular techniques and have the chance to collaborate with different faculty members. It has been really interesting learning how to apply molecular techniques learned about in class to a bigger picture – a potential emerging disease within the Chesapeake Bay.

Probably one of the scariest parts of this summer has been the independence I have had in this research project. I never thought that I would be able to come up with a schedule of tasks and figure out what exactly I need to do, timing it with other people, and with the weekends. This summer, I was given a lot more responsibility in completing the things I need to do and analyze the results on my own. Though challenging, it has pushed me to learn more and made me realize that I understand more about microbiology than I thought!


  1. Lelise Aklilu says:

    I completely identify with you when it comes to the independence aspect of this summer. I came into it thinking I would have the professor give me an outline of tasks and the date they had to be completed by. However, my professor gave me two tasks at the beginning of the summer and I had to take responsibility to finish them in a timely manner and ask for more assignments. Once I realized that and continued analyzing the different sets of data, I also realized I understood more than I originally gave myself credit for. Granted, I’m in psychology and you’re in biology, but we still learned the same things.