Final Wrap-up

This is my final blog post, and it’s time to wrap up my summer research experience.  Getting the bad news out of the way first, unfortunately my own, short project did not yield any conclusive results.  Whether a physician was employed did not seem to have a significant effect on the physician’s assessment of healthcare quality.  There were a variety of reasons for this result.  I was limited to public use data, and was not able to control for possible intangible differences between hospitals.  In addition, the Community Tracking Study has physicians estimate their ability to provide high quality care and does not empirically measure quality.  There is a good chance that the actual quality of care a physician provides might significantly differ from a physician’s own opinion of their care quality.

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New directions

Hi guys,

In one of the first posts describing the mutant, I mentioned that rrf-3 had spermatids with off-center chromatin and a quantification of this defect is one of the new pursuits in the whole rrf-3 project. To quickly recap, the rrf-3 gene product is involved in an RNAi pathway in C.elegans spermatogenesis, turning genes on and off (essential in development) by destroying their message (RNA) or preventing its translation to protein.

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A Social Psychology Lab Rendezvous

Today, we had our first all-members lab meeting. It’s the first time we have all been in the same room at the same time. It was an interesting feeling–knowing that we have been working on various aspects of the same projects but not really seeing each other throughout the summer.

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