Girolama Bui and P7 screening

Hey guys! So as of recently after receiving data with B105 and our P7 gene, I’ve begun screening multiple other strains of Cag Negative and Cag Positive strains for our interesting P7 gene. We have about 3 candidates from our screening of 16 both Cag Negative and Cag Positive strains even though there are only four suspected positive strains that would show significant importance whether or not it would show evidence of a possible P7 gene. As for the other strains, B99a and B105, sequence data will later be analyzed! Time has run out for the summer but further investigation will happen in the fall! Fingers crossed!

Hectic Week

Hello All,

This week has been very hectic, but the summer is finally over. I was very busy finishing classes and making sure my research was in a good place for a break. My main focus was to collect data before leaving school. This goal was accomplished and has given me some very interesting, and promising, data to analyze. I will be working on the data over the next few days to determine what the results were. So far the results look very promising. If everything goes well, I will continue this project into the fall semester and begin working on more real world applications for the developed substrate. I will update as soon as I finish the data workup to let everyone know what the results are and to sum up and finalize the summer project. I hope everyone has had a great summer. I know I have.

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A Rocky Road to Success

Tasha is a sweet and playful beagle at HHS, but she was just not right for training in a large group. I had to ensure the well-being of both the dogs and Merrimac participants throughout the program, which presented a constant and unavoidable challange. (

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