update II

after the download of the census data. i started to deal with it to obtain certain results. first of all, the census data are divided into different areas either as countygroups or PUMA. However, i need to convert this into CZ (commuting zone) to work on further calculation. The combination of these two data sets makes it possible to calculate several variables. The number of immigrants from each nation, the number of immigrants domestically, the number of immigrants with a high school degree or under and the number of immigrants with a high school degree or under from each country are all created. These variables are calculated according to the commuting zones. With these variables, it is possible to copy the step that Smith did in his paper to further calculate the instrumental variable.

At the same time, with these variables, it is easier to see how young people make decision about education plans. The connection between the decision and how many immigrants are in the area is what I want to study at.  To see if these decisions will be changed when young people realize there are more immigrants competing for jobs in the area.


  1. akfilipek says:

    Isn’t stata awesome? This sounds kind of similar to my project this summer with all the data manipulation, so I sympathize. I hope you are able to convert them intot he commuting zone. Good luck!