Tientas in Ávila at the Ranch of Andrés Hernando

My sister Maria arrived early in the morning at the Madrid Barajas airport. I was with two friends, Joe and Ken from Scotland and California, respectively, in a rented VW. Our plan was to pick her up in the AM and immediately travel for an hour and a half to the countryside bordering the city of Ávila. Pass Ávila on the Renfe train and you’ll immediately recognize the great, intact medieval city walls enclosing an old town center. I never got a chance to explore within Ávila’s walls, but I admired from a distance on several occasions. We were headed for the bull ranch of the ganadero Andrés Hernando, but didn’t get on the road until Joe and Ken sorted out the details of a minor parking lot collision that occurred while I was hunting down my sister. Apparently, a gentleman from the Vietnamese embassy who spoke neither English nor Spanish backed into our rental and left quite the dent on the passenger door. Once I found my sister, Joe and Ken were filling out some paperwork and said that the damage would not be a serious issue.

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Crowdsourcing Results

I realize that I have been largely silent on the Crowdsourcing project since my first post.  The main reason for this is that the treatments for the crowdsourcing experiment were not implemented until I had only three weeks left in Uganda.

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The wild world of NGOs (and CBOs)

As I referenced in my last post, one of the things that I learned quickly working on the NGO project this summer was that the QuAM initiative is really targeted towards the tiny CBOs that need serious help with basic principles of organizational management.

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More thoughts on QuAM

I owe the charles center blogging community an apology.  I have been an errant blogger.  As I look up the word errant on line to make sure I am using it correctly so as not to look foolish in such a brainy group, dictionary.com informs me that it has two definitions: [Read more…]