Preparing to compile research

After a summer of research, I am finally beginning to formally compile my findings. My plan is to create a short written document including survey results from the 2010 Tea Party survey questions, Gallup and other polling firms’ TP research, and a short literary analysis section of recent articles written about the TP Movement. I have contacted a couple of TP researchers across the US (shout out to Emily Gottschalk-Marconi for this idea) and am excited to include other people’s research and thoughts into this final project. Unfortunately, I will not be able to present at the Fall Research Symposium at the end of September because I am abroad this fall in Argentina, but I look forward to presenting my short paper and a poster when I return to campus. I will be making my final blog post in two days after I have made more progress on my final product, which is still in progress and could possibly change as I receive responses from other TP researchers and do some more independent research. I am excited to have a complete project and will post back soon with progress!


  1. Sarah McKinstry says:

    Looking forward to seeing your finished project when you get back from Argentina! That is great that you were able to successfully incorporate Emily’s suggestions.