A student and a teacher

I spoke with a fellow teacher (who is currently a student at a Beijing Public School) at CMC about the government and the possibility of a Jasmine Revolution, and he had this to say:

He said that many young people in China do not like the government. He said that they the government tells them they have the right to vote (at 18), but that they de facto don’t have it. They have just one party and don’t really have the right to vote.

He also talked about a train crash that occurred recently in southern China, saying that the news had reported that 39 people had died, but that he thought that was all fake – five cars had fallen off a bridge, and about 70 people were in each car. Essentially, he didn’t trust the news media.

I asked him whether he thought it would change any time soon, and he said that he didn’t think it would. The government is too strong. They have people parading around saying that they love the government, and they show off the good economy, and they make it seem like everything is well. Derek seemed to think that things would stay that way.