Hi everyone,

I’m a senior here at W&M and a member of Orchesis, W&M’s modern dance company.  My passion for choreography has blossomed in the Dance Department and I am so grateful for all of the opportunities I have had as a dance student.  My final research project at school will not be writing a honors thesis.  Instead, I will be exploring how to successfully move 25 dancers on a stage in a piece that I am choreographing for An Evening of Dance in March.

I’m thrilled to have this opportunity! I never could have imagined that this is what I would be doing senior year.  There is nothing I enjoy more than going into the dance studio for a few hours and creating choreography.  It makes me feel so productive and it is truly a time when I don’t mind spending time doing work!

Rehearsals for this performance just started last week.  My first rehearsal went well.  It was overwhelming to be in charge of 25 people, but once I started to teach them my movement I started to feel more comfortable.  I can’t wait for my next rehearsal so I can teach more!

My choreography is definitely abstract, but I am hoping to translate the knowledge I’ve gained as a Psychology major into my choreography.  I want my research in the dance studio to reflect what I’ve learned as a student.  It’s going to be a challenging process, but I am so excited to see where the piece ends up.  I’m so grateful that choreography has become such a vital part of my undergraduate career and I hope I will be able to use the skills I’ve learned in the future!