Hello Blog World

Hi there, and welcome to my blog! My name is Blakely Mulder and I am an upcoming junior working toward a major in psychology and minor in religious studies. This summer, I was one of the lucky recipients of the Chappell Fellowship, which is given to support students working closely with faculty members on research projects. I am so excited about this opportunity to do research with my advisor, Professor Dickter, and her colleague, Professor Forestell, because I know I’m going to learn a lot of helpful research skills and we’re all going to find out some interesting things about social psychology.

This would be the part of the blog post where I tell you exactly what our research is on, because after all, what’s the point of following a blogger if you don’t even know what he or she is doing? Unfortunately, world, you’re out of luck. The sticky situation in writing a blog about research in psychology is that because we’re working with human subjects, there’s the possibility that they would read this blog and know exactly what I was testing. If they came into the lab knowing what was being studied, then their data wouldn’t be the same as that of people who didn’t know what was being studied. SO, instead, I am going to promise (in a loosely binding, I don’t even know if I’ll have access to this site by the time this occurs) that when we are all done running participants, I will come back and write a post about what exactly it was that we were looking at. Okay?

Instead, this blog will focus primarily on my research experience, including all the new skills I learn and what it’s like to work 8+ hour days in the lab. There’s certain to be enough of that to keep the blog interesting because though I’ve worked in Professor Dickter’s lab for the past school year, my experiences running participants and coding data were nothing compared to what I expect to be the case this summer. Working on other people’s projects for 3-6 hours a week is not even close to finding your own literature, perfecting the design, finding participants, running participants, and then bringing it all together in a research paper. Instead of being the research assistant, I’ll have people helping me out with a study that I am an integral part in designing and carrying out. That’s crazy! And I’m only halfway through college!

Between now and when I come back in the end of May, I’ll be reading a lot of relevant studies to make sure that we have designed our study in the best way possible. I expect it to be tiring—reading studies has never been my favorite part of psychology—but I know it will be worth it.

Stay tuned until then!