Abstract: Lemon Research Project

Hello all,

Through my research I hope to compile more information on the first African American students who attended the College of William and Mary. I had noticed that on the Special Collection Research Center Wiki website there was some information regarding these students, but the information given was not as detailed as it could be. One female student who was admitted in 1955 was not even mentioned by name. I hope to find out more information about these individuals and their experience at the College. I would like to discover the circumstances of their admittance and how they adapted to-what I assume to be- a less than receptive environment. I am also curious as to what activities these students were involved in and their level of academic achievement.

To do this research I will mostly be looking at documents in Special Collections at Swem. I will be looking at student publications, letters from the president of the College, and other records of the students. I also hope to conduct interviews with former students and staff. Through this effort I hope to uncover what it was really like for African America students at the College and the struggles they had to overcome in achieving a higher education.