Beginning my Swem

Before coming to Williamsburg to complete my research, I did research online because I did not have access to Swem’s Special Collections. The list of databases that Swem lists  online was particularly useful. The newspaper archives contained a lot of the information that I needed.

In addition to using Swem’s databases, I have also been using Swem’s digital archive. In the archive I have found many interviews from individuals that were pertinent to my area of study. I found an interview of Alyce Fordham Willis, the wife of Hulon Willis who was the first African American to be admitted to the College. I liked that the digital archive included both an audio file and a pdf file. I did not realize before how extensive Swem’s online resources were. I am honestly impressed by how much historical information is available to me through the internet.

I realize that access to Swem’s Special Collections is restricted to those who make appointments prior to the time that they would like to visit. I hope that the process of making an appointment is an easy one. However I am optimistic–Swem has not failed me yet. Except maybe when it comes to finding a desk around finals.