Answers only lead to more questions

I have finally been to Special Collections. It was extremely helpful. When searching through newspaper archives I could not find records on some individuals. Fortunately, I found detailed records of them in the library. However what often occurs when uncovering information is that one discovers that there is still much one does not know. For every answer found ten more questions arise. However by continuing my search I have found answers to the new questions. All it takes is diligence and determination.

I am still not entirely certain on how to cite my sources from special collections and if I can use all of the information  that I have found. Some of the collections I looked at contain sensitive material. I will need to ask a librarian. I really hope that I will not be limited as to what information I can disclose.

I have written over twenty pages single-spaced but my pages are extremely disorganized. I have been trying to organize them but it seems impossible. I know that some of the information I have gathered is extraneous; it is just difficult to determine what should remain and what should be deleted. Without knowing how to organize my paper, writing transitional sentences into my paper is impossible. Right now I am working on ironing out my notes so that together they sound more like a paper and less like a list of facts arranged in chronological order.