The Real Excitement Commences

Hello all!

Last time I blogged, I had successfully made my clones to work with! So as a review, I have my gene of interest, inserted into the plasmid that contains the binding domain and that construct is now in a specific yeast strain. I then looked through our lab’s database to see what genes people have cloned into the activation domain. After finding around 20 genes that others have cloned into the activation domain, I performed a separate transformation for each of the 20 genes, into the yeast strain containing my gene of interest, UBE3A (Also called the bait).  I then plated the transformants onto selective media and put the plates into a 30 degree incubator, where they will grow for 3-5 days. After the 3-5 day growth period is up, I will take a single colony from each plate and streak it onto another selective plate. If colonies grow after 3-5 days on the new selective media that indicates that a TRUE PROTEIN INTERACTION is occurring! I made a diagram that shows what I talked about, unfortunately, I could not get it to go directly on my blog post, but if you go into my gallery and click on “Pictorial Explanation of 3rd blog,” you can see the diagram! Here is the link-

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Just casually having lunch in a castle

Monday, July 23rd

Today we had glorious lectures from Rory, the first about the Bronze Age and the Iron Age in Ireland and the second on GIS. The Bronze Age period (2500BC-600BC) can further be split into Early Bronze Age, Middle Bronze Age and Later Bronze Age. EBA, in turn, holds the Beaker Period, the transition stage between the Copper Age and the Bronze Age. “Beaker” comes from the type of pottery associated with the period, found commonly in megalithic tomb burials as grave goods. During the MBA, round houses become universal, many with ditch enclosures. Crannogs, artificial islands made of stone or dirt and standing stone circles also come into use. There is a move toward hill forts and promontory forts during the LBA, with walls or palisades.

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