The Beginning

Originally, I had hoped that my time in the Philippines would consist of piloting my project in select cities. Like I had mentioned earlier, I received the support from the League of Cities to help me connect with mayors to facilitate pilot implementation. However for better or for worse, I was able to acquire more funding for my project ¬†which changed the scope of possibility. I had originally worried that my limited funding would mean that I could only develop a lower quality protype that I would hand off to the government to improve upon. Of course, this was a tremendous risk for, as we all know, it is extremely difficult and strenuous for governments to act upon new projects given the systems and protocols that must be followed. Suddenly it became clear that the project could become greater than I ever thought. I could have more advanced systems, quality infrastructure with higher capacities. The new funding also came later than I expected therefore I was unable to finalize my contracts with the developer. In my correspondance with my developer, he mentioned that software development would take about 2 -3 months–meaning, that no matter what I did, the software I would want would not be ready this summer.

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