Final Report On My Research

Hey everyone,

Everything for my summer research is wrapping up. We just finished the last participants for Dot Probe Familiarity 2, so hopefully we can begin cleaning the data and then data analysis this fall. We also finished cleaning all the data for Dot Probe Familiarity 1 and Prof. Dickter will be running the data analysis as soon as she can. Also I finished helping with their book, all my references and the chapter I was working on are both done. Reflecting back on my goals for the summer I have completed all of the work I had hoped to get do. I was also given an opportunity that many don’t have at my age and I am glad I successfully completed all of my objectives and did some of my best work to show my dedication to research. Overall this summer was a great experience and I encourage everyone to apply for a summer research grant. Hope everyone had an amazing experience like me.!

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