The end of the summer

During this summer I have worked hard to obtain data that will be used to quantify the mutation rate of the hyper mutable region of interest in the genome of H. pylori. I have done procedures that have put me closer to inserting the hyper mutable region into the bacterium E. coli so that the mutation rates can be compared between these two bacterial species. The data gathered from the AFLP protocols done this summer have consistently shown the same number of cytosines within the hyper mutable region of interest in both the bacterial colonies and bacterial populations analyzed. It will be interesting to see if this result holds up when the bacterial environment is experimentally stressed. This will be the topic of experiments to come in the near future.

Different Views about the Romantic Theme in Li Shang-yin’s poetry

After roughly looking over the criticisms of the most important scholars over the past 10 centuries, I found many people, though have reached a consensus that Li is a romantic poet, hold different view on the themes of his love poems. There’re basically three opinions.

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