Data availability in a Developing Nation

The experience of collecting data for my project has been enlightening.  In many instances what I had planned to analyze had to be scrapped due to the corresponding data not being available.   Many times data that had previously been collected was unavailable due to numerous reasons, including bureaucratic hurdles, the destruction of data, and in rare cases the unwillingness to share data.  I came to appreciate the difficulty in conducting orignal research, specifically data driven econometrics in a developing nation.

Often the data series that are available are incomplete.  When they do exist often times their reliability in questionable.  I has often observed entries both from regional and specific sources that are hard to justify without incorrect input being their creator.  Luckily through due diligence and many hours scanning yearly regional statistics publications I have created a dataset that I believe will be able to reliably answer my initial quandary regarding if the relationship between growth and institutional quality holds on the sub-national level.

I’m currently in in the final stages of my analysis of my collected data, expect results to be posted soon!