The end of my stay in Bosnia

Now that my stay in Bosnia is ending, I look back thankful for the unique opportunity that both the Reves Center and the William & Mary Bosnia Project have afforded me. I have meet with multiple economist and policy makers during my stay that have directed me in my search for information on government planning and records, specifically I would like to thank Mr. Cosic from World Bank.

The unique post-conflict environment in Bosnia creates an incentive for localized data to be obscured in order to keep post-conflict power balances, whether it be population composition to protect legislative power or GDP for fund reallocation due to financial need.  I have realized that I must use a proxy for local government strength that must be accessible and accurate. I have been looking data accumulated by a recent study done by the world bank, Local Government and service delivery in Bosnia-Herzegovina (2009); In it I believe that I have found the answer for accessing local government effectiveness. I will be using the effectiveness of service delivery and corruption of local water, sewage and garbage collection  to proxy the strength of local governance.

***Sorry for the late posting, for some reason the original never published.