Holders Battery Archaeology


This summer I will go back to Barbados to perform an archaeological survey of a Barbadian fort known as Holders Battery.  One of two batteries located on Paynes Bay, It was part of a line of over 40 forts that protected the Island from raids and invasion .  I hope to understand the battery’s place as part of a larger series of fortifications, to identify different models of fortification employed by the British in the 18th century, and to understand how these models were implemented by the British in the Caribbean.  My intent is to use the archaeological and architectural data gathered through survey to lay the foundations for formulating a senior honors thesis.  I am very excited about this project, as this will be my second time in Barbados.

While Holders battery will be the focus of excavation, I will research and attempt to locate the remains of other fortifications on the island.  Holders battery fits the definition of a coastal artillery battery, a specific type of fortification in the 18th century.  It would be difficult to understand the purpose of a single fort without understanding the rest of the Island’s defenses.  Holders battery was part of a larger “coastal defense system” employed by the Barbadians to protect the island, a link in a protective chain.  It should be understood as part of a larger defensive infrastructure.