Analyzing Social Networks in Chaguite, Nicaragua and Understanding their Affects on Community Health Introduction and Abstract

Hello! My name is Roni Nagle. I am a freshman and a biology major with a public health minor. I have been involved in sociological research with the MANOS team (Medical Aid Nicaragua: Outreach Scholarship) throughout my freshman year. Our projects overarching goal is health centered and we travel to a small, rural community Chaguite, Nicaragua every Spring. We also travel on auxiliary trips during Summer and Winter break. As our project is health focused, I have learned how sociology can be used to study health and health care access within the community. Readings throughout the year as well as research performed by other team members and my faculty advisor Professor Aday have spurred my interest regarding health and communication.

This summer I will be traveling to Chaguite and performing social network analysis by holding household interviews at each of the houses within the community. I will be asking a specific set of questions to obtain different descriptions of community relationships and communications. I will be focused on who community members are speaking with about their health related concerns. In the case of the participant, I will inquire whom that person talks to about his or her own personal health and about family health matters. I will also question whom that person talks to when they are discussing community health concerns, issues, and resources. I am interested not only the specific disease related health issues, but also issues of nutrition and water access

When I return to the US, I will be spending the rest of my time analyzing the social networks identified using a program called UCINET. The analysis will describe patterns of interpersonal ties that focus on health matters.

This research will be conducted in collaboration with Professor Aday as well as MANOS team members Brooke Huffman, Thomas Northrup, Kristina Ripley, Chrissy Sherman and Lester Chavez.



  1. Good post. The work this summer promises to be even more productive!

  2. Thomas Northrup says:

    Roni, your research proposal sounds excellent. I look forward to learning the results of your SNA research after doing some analyses with UCINET.