Cross-Cultural Differences in Response to Images of Emotional Faces

Hello! My name is Katie, and I’m a rising senior, majoring in Psychology and hoping to minor in Computer Science. This summer I will begin research for my psychology honor’s thesis, and I’m excited to share my progress on this blog! Unfortunately, I’m unable to divulge too much detailed information about my hypotheses and progress until the study is complete, since students reading this blog might be among my subject pool. Below I describe the main goals and questions addressed by this project.

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Tidal River-Aquifer Salinity Communication and its Implications for Drinking Water Quality in Jamestown, Virginia


My name is Phillip and I am a soon-to-be senior at the College. I’m a geology major and chemistry minor. For many, a geology degreeĀ bringsĀ up images of hard-rock petrology, structural geology, mineralogy, oil exploration, etc. While I find these interesting and they make up a lot of my coursework, the sub-field with in geology that has interested me most so far is hydrology, or the study of the movement, distribution, and character of water on our planet. This summer will be my first here in Williamsburg; I’m excited to be able to focus on research with out having to divide my time between other courses, and to dive deep into studying particular research questions for a full 8 weeks.

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