Nutrition Resources Tracking in Kampala, Uganda

Hello! My name is Emily Mahoney and I’m a rising junior, majoring in Economics and Public Health.  This summer, I will be traveling to Kampala, Uganda as part of the AidData Summer Fellows program. This program is an effort in conjunction with USAID’s Higher Education Solutions Network (HESN) that aims to increase the use of AidData’s geocoded information in developing countries.  I will be working with a partner institution in Kampala, providing training that will increase the staff’s ability to analyze foreign aid information, visualize the data through geocoding, and inform the planning of various aid projects.

In addition, another element of my role includes integrating a nutrition aid tracking project (through a partnership between William & Mary and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)). Using AidData methodology, we will geocode nutrition projects across countries in order to understand how and where nutrition is targeted.

My research through the Charles Center will provide context to this nutrition project data–are these projects addressing goals stated in Uganda’s costed national plan?* Can we assess the impact of these projects by examining nutritional indicators? Can geocoding help us to visualize the interaction between nutrition aid projects and nutritional indicators?  How can we use this analysis to better inform the implementation of nutrition interventions across Uganda?

*Costed national plans are frameworks set by Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN)–a multi-national project that analyzes the costs of improving nutrition by organizing the costs of different nutrition interventions into standard categories so that they can be compared across countries.