The Sub-Study Begins! Entry from 5/27/13


We have begun the sub-study! After typing up transcriptions from community meetings that had been held the day prior, I put together a list of community members that had not yet been interviewed by the MANOS team. I decided to use this sample in hopes of interviewing a marginalized group. Using the team’s documents I identified those participants and located their homes on our map of the community. Interestingly, many of the people who had not been interviewed were located furthest from the main road. I soon found out that could have been due partially to the steep inclines and rocky terrain around some of these homes.

The sub-study interviews have gone relatively smoothly. Through the pilot interviews we realized that the term health has a variety of meanings amongst the people of Chaguite. Lester Chavez acted as my translator and identified confusion amongst participants regarding the definition of health. One participant questioned if we were referring to personal or community health.  We worked this newfound understanding into the sub-study protocol and clarified each question stating whether it involved community or personal health.

From the list I put together, we were able to interview all focus groups except for focus group three. We hiked up and down the narrow paths of the mountain to the houses of the participants. The walk through focus group four was so step my team and I had to leap at points to make it up the mountain! We were able to interview 2 to 3 households a day, and we conducted pilot interviews at community and focus group meetings. We attempted to interview focus group 3 on a Sunday and marched from house to house seeking the women and found that they were all at church! We still have a large number of households, enough to use UCINET and Netdraw and analyze the data back in the US.