Settled into Blantyre: Let the prep work begin!

I’ve had a great first week in Blantyre preparing for my study! In my first few days of working at clinics in Malawi, I have been able to observe some interesting social dynamics related to child feeding and hygiene. As I had expected, most of the children have been brought in by their mothers (and are often breastfeeding throughout the appointment). However, a few children have been brought in by their fathers, which goes against the norms I’d anticipated and have observed. Another interesting factor is that it is currently harvesting season in many parts of Malawi, meaning that mothers have to be in the tea/bean/rice fields to harvest and replant and are unable to bring their children in to clinic. In one case, a granny brought in a child for this reason, but we’ve also counted many children not coming for their appointments for this reason.

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