A typical experiment session

A typical experiment session so far has been more or less likely the below.


1. As an experimenter, I arrive earlier than the scheduled experiment session.

2. I quickly check the setup of the participants’ tables and make any necessary adjustment.

3. I check the setup of the other parts and aspects of the experiment and make any necessary adjustment.

4.  I wait for the participants to arrive.

5. Naturally, some participants arrive earlier than the other.

6. I hand out informed consent form to the arrived participants.

7. So far, there almost always had been one or two participants in each session that arrives a little late.

8. I hand out informed consent form to all of the participants.

9. I give the participants some basic instructions like “please refrain from using your cell phone until the end of the experiment session.”

10. I hand out the first survey to the participants.

11. I collect the survey from the participants who are done before the others and ask them to wait for the other participants to complete the survey.

12. When I have collected every participant’s surveys, I bring the participant in to setting for the ‘cup task.’

13. I give instruction to the participants about how to do the ‘cup task.’

14. When the participants are done with the ‘cup task,’ I bring the participants back to where they took the first survey.

15. I hand out second survey.

16. From here on, each participant goes by their own pace. As soon as they are done with the given task, the next task is provided right away without delay.

17. I keep in mind where each participant is in terms of their progress.

18. After the second survey, I hand out instruction booklet for the ‘monetary transaction task.’

19. After a participant is done reading the instruction booklet, I hand out the task paper 1.

20. After collecting the task paper 1, I hand the task paper 1 to the back room where they deal with money.

21. I then give task paper 2.

22. I collect the task paper 2 and pass it to the back room.

23. I ask the participants to wait while their compensation gets calculated.

24. I hand out envelops that has the calculated compensation for each participants in.

25. I collect receipts from the participants.

26. I bring the receipts to the back room to get confirmation.

27. After the confirmation is given, I thank and dismiss the participants.


It sure is a lot of steps and does take a long time run each experiment session.

Each experiment session is normally scheduled for an hour and half.

On my next blog post, I will write a little bit about some of the personal improvements as an experimenter that I have gained while running the experiment sessions so far.