Cuban Film Research, An Introduction

“El cine es un arte.”

–       Ley No. 169, the second law of Cuba’s Revolutionary government, 1959

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Week 1: Modeling and Canoeing

I began my summer research on June 3rd, returning to the Quantitative Biology Lab tucked in a back corner of the ISC’s second floor.  Unlike most of the other biology and chemistry labs on this floor, here you won’t find any vials full of chemicals, Bunsen burners, or lab mice.  Instead, it’s a lab full of computers where we design mathematical models, and couches where we gather for group discussions.  I spent most of my research hours this week in the lab, making adjustments to the diamondback terrapin population model that I was working on during the past school year.

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The Less Glamorous Side of Scientific Research

This week, my research professor and two of our most senior lab members are at a conference.  That means for myself and the two remaining lab members, we’re left with the frustrating, but necessary job of inventory.

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(Re)discovering Rhythms

The script goes something like this:

“So, what are you up to this summer?”

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