Unexpected Setbacks

Sometimes life will throw a curveball when you don’t expect it.  Last week, the archaeology lab I am working at flooded.  With water covering the entire floor my project had to take a back seat to rescuing our collections and relocating operations to a storage unit.   Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that the lab has flooded.  The facility that houses our lab has had issues with bad water pumps, resulting in a similar flood a year ago as well.

However, this has provided a good opportunity to start shifting our work to a better, less flood prone location.  The Fairfield Foundation’s eventual goal is to operate out of their own facility instead of renting space from other providers.  To this end, the Foundation has been renovating the Edge Hill Service Station, a 1920s era gas station on the corner of Main Street in Gloucester.  There are many exciting plans for the Edge Hill Station, including turning it into an archaeology lab and a community center where the public can learn about archaeology and how it can benefit their community.  This flood has been an additional push to finish restoring the station so it is operational and can serve as a center for community outreach in Gloucester.

Photo credit from Fairfield Foundation facebook page

Reflections of boxes in the standing water. Photo credit from Fairfield Foundation.

Photo credit from Fairfield Foundation facebook page

Standing water covering the entire floor. Photo credit from Fairfield Foundation.