Good Things Come to Those who Wait

They say “good things come to those who wait,” and we have certainly had to put that skill to practice.  Starting this project has involved a lot of patience and waiting.  Especially since we’re recruiting chid participants through their schools, there has been a lot of down time as the lab members and I wait for approval and permission from various authorities in the school system.  Since getting the green light to distribute letters of introduction and consent forms, we have made hundreds of photocopies, and put them together in packets for kids to take home to their parents.

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Our Trip to Villamartín and Ubrique

On Monday, Team Cádiz travelled to Villmartín and Ubrique, two charming little towns in Andalucía.  We rented a car to get there (which was quite a adventure in and of itself) and had a very busy, wonderful day!

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Unforeseen Incidents from Unexpected Sources

Slight change of plan.

This post is about some of the unforeseen problems that I had to deal with so far as an experimenter.

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