Good Things Come to Those who Wait

They say “good things come to those who wait,” and we have certainly had to put that skill to practice.  Starting this project has involved a lot of patience and waiting.  Especially since we’re recruiting chid participants through their schools, there has been a lot of down time as the lab members and I wait for approval and permission from various authorities in the school system.  Since getting the green light to distribute letters of introduction and consent forms, we have made hundreds of photocopies, and put them together in packets for kids to take home to their parents.

Now that the consent forms are out, we have had to release control–the project is in the hands of the schools and parents at this point, and we wait anxiously for a good response.

In the mean time, we’ve been readying and streamlining our study in preparation to collect data.  This involves assembling all the questionnaires into a logical order, formatting them, and entering them into an online survey system.  Having completed these tasks, we’ve practiced them ourselves and run tests administering them to other lab members.  At this point, we are ready and eager to hear back from participants and begin scheduling data collection.  If our school-recruitment proves unsuccessful, we have plans to turn to summer camps here on campus as well as libraries, art and dance studios, and sports camps in the area to build up our sample.

For now, we wait!