Setting a pace

It’s hard to believe that over two whole weeks of summer research are already completed. The pace of the summer is certainly different than that of the academic term. Running multiple reactions and purifying them can be easily accomplished. Idleness, though, is not always inescapable. It’s always prudent to play your day beforehand, a point that my adviser has stressed to his students. A busy or malfunctioning instrument can make you rethink those characterizations you were intending to knock out, the column that needs to be done, etc.

I’ve been excited to move forward with new reactions. We’ve been working with a decent precedent from the 2011 first generation synthesis. I’ve run with saponificatation & esterification sequence three times. The latest run has the most promising results. It’s been another illustration of the skills required of organic synthesis and an affirmation of the common adage is our lab is that “something is better than nothing,” meaning that a reaction that produces some change is more useful than one that does nothing. I look forward to optimizing the reaction sequence for future runs.