First week in Sierra leone

My research started out very rocky. I arrived at the Dulles airport only to be notified that Brussels Airline workers were on strike.  Airport officials told me that my suitcase will not arrive with me in Freetown and they did not know when my luggage would arrive. I arrived in Freetown, and for a whole week I was without a suitcase. I had to borrow clothes from family members, and I could not officially begin my research until my suitcase arrived because all my research equipment was in my suitcases.

After sitting around for two days waiting for my suitcase, I decided that I had to make the most of the situation. I knew I had a limited amount of time in Freetown, and I need every single minute of that time to accomplish my research.  On the third day of being in Freetown, I visited the Old Dominion Hospital. Old Dominion Hospital is a NGO run hospital. The NGO that runs Old Dominion Hospital is Old Dominion in Salone. Old Dominion Hospital is located in the Wellington community of Freetown. The owners of Old Dominion Hospital are from Richmond, Virginia.  I visited Old Dominion Hospital for three days. Each day I spoke to someone new at the hospital. I spoke to doctors, nurses, and janitors. Unfortunately, no patients spoke to me because they were all ashamed to speak to me once they knew I was from the USA. I also couldn’t record anything said to me due to not  having the proper documents for individuals to sign because the papers were still in my suit luggage.

It is almost about to be a week, and I still have no suitcase. The frustration is building and the problem of an Internet connect only makes the frustration worst. I paid $75 to have unlimited Internet for a month, but the Internet connection at its best is extremely slow and at its worst, it is not available.   Even with all these setbacks I am still hopeful, and I hope that frustration does not overcome my goal.


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