One Tribe, One Family…really?

A popular phrase for we William and Mary students is “One Tribe, One Family.” We shout it, we wear it on bracelets, some of you may even have it tattooed on your bodies. But I have begun to wonder if the current student body, myself included, fully appreciates what this affirmation means.

For the past month or so, I have had the privilege of going over surveys taken by students that are currently in the WMSURE program, as well as students that went through the program and graduated. Unfortunately, I have noticed a disappointing trend in the majority’s opinion about how supportive students are of other students here at the College. Most of the students that took these surveys (current students and alumni) felt that many students on campus are too competitive and are too concerned with their own grades to support their peers around campus. Although, most of them did say that they had a small group of friends they knew they could count on for moral support, they still felt that the campus as a whole did do a very good job of supporting one another. Yes, grades are important, and there is nothing wrong with being competitive, but when other people are in need of encouragement or some kind of help we have a responsibility to each other to help one another.

I do not mean to preach or talk down to anyone by any means because am most certainly not flawless by any stretch of the imagination. At the end of the day “One Tribe, One Family” means exactly what it says. As a student at William and Mary you are a part of a family, and a good family member takes the time to help other family members with whatever they may need assistance or encouragement in, whether it is simply smiling at them or taking the time out to study with them. Let’s put our words into action.