June 5: Outreach to a Nearby Clinic

We met with the local clinic (UNAP) in Mama Tingo to facilitate stronger ties between members of the clinic, the CHC (on behalf of Esfuerzo), HOMBRE, and SOMOS. We found out a lot about the clinic, specifically related to the availability and costs of their services. For example, a check-up is free for those with insurance. Those without insurance are requested to pay 25 pesos as a donation to maintain the services and resources at the clinic, but they are not required if they do not have the money. Complications arise after the check-up, as it is difficult for many to pay for medications and analyses and to keep track of medical records without proper documentation of the visit. This process of patient care, and especially the insurance issue, is made up of intricate levels of challenges that we will have to take more time to fully understand.

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June 2: CHC with HOMBRE

Going into the trip, a first priority was learning as much as we could about the history and inner workings of the Community Health Committee. There are five members that make up the CHC, four of which are women from Esfuerzo, while the fifth is a health promoter and liaison from a local clinic. As drafted last year by SOMOS and the original CHC members, the structure and goals of the CHC are:

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Weeks 4 and 5: Who, What, When, Where, Why and VA’s State Delegates

These last two weeks of research have led me down many paths, some of which were exciting and new, and others which were, admittedly, dead ends. I am learning that the pace of research ebbs and flows, but that all progress is good progress.

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How to Capture Changes

Photo Jun 07, 2 12 00 PM

Sampling during a storm!

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Viruses and Storms

Photo Jun 11, 1 35 19 AM

Epifluorescence microscope, used for taking images of slides

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