Aaaand We’re winding down

Well, my allotted time for is drawing to an end very quickly. The passed couple weeks have been very slow, so I am very excited to finish my job so that our data can be analyzed. The latter part of my research has mostly involved calculating average levels of variables such as empathetic concern, sympathy shown by participants as well as other factors that should describe how sympathetic or how prejudice the participants of the experiment were. Hopefully the results will worth reporting and statistically significant. It has been a lot of fun for me to spend time on campus in the summer and see first hand what goes into conducting research. It has been a cool experience living in Williamsburg for most of the summer. I’ve gotten more comfortable with the area, and I’ve made a few new friends as well.


  1. Analyzing data is a bit nerve-wracking! There’s always the lingering concern that there won’t be any statistically significant results and that you’ll have to scramble to try to figure out why. Based upon your earlier blog posts, your research seems really interesting and relevant, especially considering the recent verdict in the Zimmerman trial. I hope your results are significant so you have something to report!