Improvement as an experimenter

Although this post is not directly about the research project, I wanted to allocate at least a post on how the research experience have been beneficial for my personal improvement as  an experimenter so far.

I hope the readers of this post could get an idea of how research experience could benefit individuals.

For the convenience of the reader, the qualities that I think have improved will be in a list format.


Improvement in critical thinking

Improvement in leading an experiment session

Improvement in research design

Improvement in understanding collaboration with other colleagues

Improvement in quick judgment

Improvement in interpersonal skill

Improvement in handling uncertainty

Improvement in public speaking

Improvement in handling anxiety


These are only some of the improvements I have felt so far.



  1. amansaray says:

    I have experienced similar improvements while researching. I thought I did an extensive job of planning my research, and anticipating every possible obstacle that could occur—I was wrong. Every time an obstacle occurred that I did not foresee, I had to use quick judgment and not over react. Every step of my research process has been a learning experience.

  2. mlmendonca says:

    It’s nice to see someone actually blogging about the overall research experience and not just their project data/results. The summer really is a great time to hone your skills as an experimenter because you don’t have to worry about school work and other distractions. You learn so much about your project that you basically become an expert on the subject. One of the biggest advantages I’ve experienced is the improvement in public speaking and handling anxiety. My lab has weekly meetings where we have to give detailed progress reports and this has been stressful, yet ultimately rewarding. You begin to learn that the research setting is not all that scary once you get used to it and thus you get more comfortable with explaining your project. However, the biggest aspect of research is improving critical thinking. At the collegiate level, the problems introduced during experimentation aren’t cut-and-dry, requiring close deliberation and problem solving. Glad to see you’re getting so much out of this summer experience!