I was finally able to talk to a few patients before leaving Sierra Leone. I will have personally been disappointing if my research did not include the perspectives of patients because they are very important part of the health care delivery system.

I lefierra Leone almost a month ago after being there for almost a full month. When I arrive in the United States, I immediately continued my research. I spent my time reading publications such as the Primary Health Care Hand book, The Sierra Leone 2011 Performance Report and the 2011 Annual Report. All these works are works published about the Health Care Delivery System of Sierra Leone. The Ministry of Health published some of these works and Sanitation and other were published by independent agencies.

I have come to the end of my seven weeks of research, and I have written a six-page report on my research. In my report, I discussed some of the things I was told, came up with a few recommendations and discussed further research. Here is a list of some of the recommendations I came up with.



  • Patients need to be empowered about their rights in the health care delivery system. Patients need to band together and protest against corruption whether it is by hospitals, doctors, or pharmacies. ¬†They cannot just sit and wait for the government to make a change. They need to take manners into their own hands and press the Ministry to go after institutions or individuals that take advantage of patients.
  • The health care delivery system needs to change to a computerized record system. I heard too many complain of records being displaced, and a paper trail hindering what kind of care patients receive.
  • The Ministry needs to evaluate the human resources department in the health care delivery system.¬† These are some of the things that I believe need to be re-evaluated
    • Patient pay
    • Promotion
    • Retention rate
    • How to motivate workers to go beyond and above in their jobs.
    • How to get more workers to fill in vacant positions in the health care delivery system.
    • How to offer existing employees a way to become more specialized in their areas.
    • They also have to provide a safe place for workers to voice their concerns on what is going on in the system.


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