Permission Granted

Yesterday I finally obtained permission from Church of the Good Shepherd’s Priest and warden to conduct a small excavation in the church parking lot, which is farther south than I realized.  In the time since my last post and the start of my excavation, I have been exploring and researching the remains of the other forts on the island.  The first place I looked at was Six Men’s battery, located on a hill overlooking the coast north of the fishing village of Six Men’s.Six Men's Cannons

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Let’s Talk About the Transvaal Question: What the War Was, and Why We Cared (Part II of II)

Hello there,

I promised y’all this post last month, so I suppose it’s important to follow up on my promises here.  You all have doubtless been on tenterhooks for weeks wanting to know what the Jameson Raid was.  Lying awake in bed at night, a strange mustachioed apparition calling himself John Hays Hammond has been visiting you lately, whispering strategies for improving the productivity of the Witwatersrand mines in your ear. Why is this happening?

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Weeks 7 and 7+: A Turning Point

These past two weeks have yielded nothing if not insightful interviews, referrals for future research, and plenty of opportunities to put the topic of abortion access in perspective. Unfortunately – as I like to tell myself is the case with many other novice researchers – it is only now dawning on me that I have strayed too far from my original goals for this project, and in doing so, have compromised the value of the work I am producing. The James C. Reilly scholarship goes toward public policy research, and in my pursuit of knowledge regarding Virginia’s legislation and policymaking process, I found myself more interested in the social justice of the matter.

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