Permission Granted

Yesterday I finally obtained permission from Church of the Good Shepherd’s Priest and warden to conduct a small excavation in the church parking lot, which is farther south than I realized.  In the time since my last post and the start of my excavation, I have been exploring and researching the remains of the other forts on the island.  The first place I looked at was Six Men’s battery, located on a hill overlooking the coast north of the fishing village of Six Men’s.Six Men's Cannons

Six Men's Cannons 2

At the site were eight artillery guns, mounted on a concrete block in the 194o’s and partially overgrown.  the oldest of which dates to the Tudor era, as evidenced by the presence of a solitary rose without a crown on the barrel.  The site was covered in artifacts, and may make an excellent site for future research.

I have also been able to find a path to the ruins of Maycocks Fort.  It is located on a remote beach in the northernmost Parish of Barbados, St. Lucy. It is a large complex of broken walls, and empty chambers  The site has been partially excavated before by Dr. Niall Finneran from the university of Winchester, fro whom most of my knowledge of the fort comes from.

Maycock's Fort

Today I cleared the plant growth off the top of the fort wall, and defined the feature by removing excess soil from the top with a trowel and a brush. I believe the site is actually the remains of Barbados Battery, which was one battery south in the coastal defense system.

Barbados battery