Being Well-Read

At our weekly lab meeting today, each lab member presented a short synopsis on a journal article of our choice.  Our article needed to be relevant to our individual project and helped to keep us informed on the progress going on in the specific field.  Using the extended kinetic method and computations to determine gas-phase basicities and proton affinities of amino acids is not being solely experimented on by the WM Ionlab, as you would imagine.  There is a small, but active group of gas phase ion chemists researching thermochemical data of amino acids.

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2013; A Wet Summer to Study Drought


My last post was an introduction to the Jamestown Colony, what I do when I am out there, and some pictures. This post, I’d like to talk a bit about the progress I have made so far this summer and what major questions I have remaining.

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Research Update #2

We finally got LH results back from UVA.  And none of them are unreadable!  Yay.  No matter what they are, they have got to be better than the results we’ve been getting for the past year.

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